Week 1 & 2 delayed and Merged

During week one I have become overwhelmed with the fear of blogging and sharing my thoughts and ideologies with my peers and the world at large.  During week 1 I have been required to share with you three blogs or news letters that I have found to be relevant to my exploration of instructional design.

The three links that I would like to share are





I carefully reviewed each blog for content, relevancy, and application to my future work and contribution to the field as a whole.  In the blog written by Christy Tucker she provides an overview into what instructional designers do and how to enter the field. It was quite insightful because there were many responses from IT professionals wanting to merge their current skill set with designing learning materials. In the next article Dr. Tony Karrer shared the issues of using stock photos when designing a course. We have all done that when designing a PowerPoint presentation. He is providing how to use the stock photos and how they enhance course design. My final blog selection was pinned by Connie Malamed. Malamed  shared her ideas of the top 10 qualities of the ideal instructional designer. She shared the following;

The successful instructional designer should:

  1. Conceptually and intuitively understand how people learn.
  2. Know how to connect with an audience on an emotional level.
  3. Be capable of imagining oneself as the learner/audience member.
  4. Be obsessed with learning everything.
  5. Brainstorm creative treatments and innovative instructional strategies.
  6. Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, interactions and the finished product.
  7. Write effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts and video scripts.
  8. Meld minds with Subject Matter Experts and team members.
  9. Know the capabilities of eLearning development tools and software.
  10. Understand related fields—usability and experience design, information design, communications and new technologies. (Malamed, 2012)

She laid out an excellent roadmap for novice instructional designers like myself to apply the technical principles to my knowledge of learning theories and ideologies.





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