Theory, Theorist, Learned, Learn, Learning – Week 7

So, I have read quite a bit in the past 7 weeks about learning and learning styles and as a psych major I am in theory overload.  I now have understanding of the theorist that I adored and subscribed to in Psych 101 and my view hasn’t been changed but, it has been enhanced.  The enhancement comes from merging theories with learning processes and technology. My view has now become multifaceted in a sense.  My new challenge is to now apply theory to design and address the needs of several individuals and withdrawing self out of that process (self being how I learn and my theorist/theory preference).

My learning preference can now be described a connectivadultbehavsocio theory. Simply put I have no learning preference.  However, I have learned that a clear understanding is needed for all of theories when taking on the role of instructional designer to ensure that the needs of all of the learners are met as well as the needs of the client and classroom.

Technology plays a large role in my learning…I am hybrid of source both a Mac (iPad and iPod) and a PC my (netbook, blackberry ,notebook, and desktop) so my data for my Apple products are stored on/in  cloud and my other data are stored on jump drives (please insert laughter here). As I increase my knowledge base from novice to advance in the near future ( I know that sound farfetched but I find myself to be an over achiever most of the time ) I will develop  a loyalty and more definitive answer to how technology plays a role in my life.


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