My Final Thoughts Week 8

I cannot say that I was surprised or struck by what I had learned this quarter. Now, that does not mean that I did not broaden by learning horizons. What the materials for this course did do is help me look at the things through different eyes. I also did learn that when people hear about change or adaptation he/she become afraid of change. I did embrace the increase and mixture of theories and concepts associated how people learn. I did learn that people have a fear of the unknown and that there is not always a willingness to learn about a different learning styles and methodology.

I realize that my learning process makes me a mutt. I chose the term mutt because, I have learned to merge processes and realize that people learn from mixed methods. For, example a traditional auditory leaner in a classroom environment may begin to embrace visual and auditory learning practices because the use of online technology. My personal leaning processed has been broadened I am no longer a “one trick pony”. I find myself to be a sponge wanting to know about learning processes for myself so that I can design for others with an open mind.

 I have also admitted that during this course I was introduced to a leaning theory that I was unaware of connectivisim. The term was new to me but, I liked that the theory because it bridged other theories together. Leaning that there are chain links that create a cause an effect outcome when discussing the connection between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation has helped my apply what I have learned to the type of instructional designer I plan to become.

This course is the base of my instructional design layer cake and I plan to become not just a designer I want to enhance the learning process as a whole. I will be able to become an educational powerhouse because I have clarity on how people learn and now it is my belief that I can merge that with new technology, infuse a gumbo of theories, and meet the needs of my future clients successfully.


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